Dr. Rongxue Wu's Research Lab


Welcome to Dr. Wu’s Lab Research

The lab’s major research interests are focused on how microvascular function adapts to cardiac physiological and pathophysiological stresses, such as cardiac ischemia, diabetes and sepsis. Recently, we have identified a novel HIF1α-independent pathway by which ARNT (also known as HIF-1β) regulates endothelial function through the activity of matrix metalloproteases. These findings are essential for understanding the pathological mechanisms involved in cardiac vascular disease, diabetes, and other conditions associated with hypoxia.

The long-term goal of our research is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of microvascular function in heart failure, with an emphasis on:

  1. The maintenance of microvascular integrity and its role in cardiac glucose metabolism, inflammation as well as vascular regeneration and repair under critical disease conditions such as cardiac ischemia, sepsis/covid-19, and diabetes
  2. The identification of novel strategies for preventing ischemia cardiac vascular disease and diabetic cardiomyopathies.
  3. Target microvascular endothelial barrier function to treat infection-induced cardiac dysfunction
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